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From simplifying payments and growing sales to unlocking invaluable customer insights – MONETA, is transforming the way merchants do business. Join our trusted partners and unlock the potential to transform your business today.

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What we offer…

MONETA Payment Link: Simple, powerful payments.

See how a single link can power payments for your entire business. Secure payments, guaranteed to stop diversion of your revenues into personal accounts. Generate a unique payment link in seconds and enable your customers pay you via multiple channels.

Financial management

Moneta simplifies your banking experience by providing digital services for banks and aggregating different banks in one app. Consolidate your banking in one app and make smart decisions across different banks.

POS: Powerful POS & Card Reader systems that matches your hustle

Take your business to the next level with our handheld POS devices or card reader. With built-in barcode scanner, you can easily take orders, keep track of your customers and accept payments wherever you are, keeping your business moving forward.


Moneta gives you absolute freedom on your money, with access to offering from multiple financial providers.Reach your savings goals faster with our easy-to-use savings tools.

Scan & Pay with QR Code: Take quick, contactless payments with QR codes

Easily generate your unique MONETA QR code to get paid your way. Reduce customer queues and sell more with Moneta quick scan and pay feature.

Loans and Payrolls

As your business grows, free up valuable time and use Moneta to quickly and efficiently pay your staff.
Customize your loan to suit you with Moneta Loans. COMING SOON!

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Transforming Public & business Sector Operations

Insights on our features

MONETA has revolutionized services for state governments, agencies, tertiary institutions, and businesses like yours, driving efficiency and excellence across the board. Experience seamless transactions and transformative solutions today with MONETA – innovation at every click!


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Everything in One Place

A complete solution to all businesses


Enable your customers pay you with multiple payment channel while you effortlessly manage, track your collections and stop revenue diversion.


MONETA enables growing businesses stay ahead in today's fast-paced financial landscape. With Moneta, business owners and individuals have unparalleled Financial Management abilities.

Business tools

MONETA equips business owners with impeccable insights and capabilities needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

Discover Hidden Gems, tap into Moneta's Customer insight feature for Targeted Growth

in just three simple steps, Moneta revolutionizes how businesses understand and engage with their customers. By discovering valuable insights about preferences and behaviors, businesses can customize offerings and nurture loyalty, ultimately leading to growth.

Learn about Your Customers

Use Moneta to find out what your customers like and how they prefer to communicate.

Make Messages Personal

Use this information to write messages that are just right for each customer. You can send messages to one person or several people at once.

Send Messages Anywhere

With Moneta, you can send messages through WhatsApp, SMS, or Emails. It's easy to talk to your customers no matter where they are.